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Your Complete Lighting Installation Solutions Partner

Lighting Retrofits

Lighting retrofits are the bread and butter of many electrical companies. Our crews are ready and able to help with any size or type of lighting retrofit you’ve been hired to do. We will follow guidelines of energy-efficiency and work diligently to upgrade lighting fixtures and lamps to increase energy savings, improving lighting levels and decreasing maintenance costs for your clients.

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Lighting Controls

Unity’s Controls Division specializes and is certified in the installation and commissioning of some of the largest and most popular brand systems in the industry. Whether required by title 24 or just part of your lighting project, Unity can manage the controls portion in-house as part of the whole project.

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Lighting Audits

Our crews are experienced, highly trained and professional throughout every lighting audit they complete. They will do a thorough walk-through of any commercial location, recording important information about the existing lighting fixtures, illumination levels and lighting-related safety. We will make recommendations to improve energy-efficiency, increase safety and develop more effective lighting methods. In addition Unity can provide a more detailed drawing and audit that can be uploaded directly into AutoCAD for use in the creation of a true photometric design.

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Electrical Services

With technicians moving daily to keep up with the need of our clients, Unity Works Lighting will have a technician where you have an electrical need. Let our network of technicians help with minor electrical repairs like troubleshooting and fixing lighting issues, light pole replacement and the general service and trouble shooting of branch electrical systems. Let us know how we can help meet your electrical service needs.

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Lighting Automation

Most buildings today are over-lit because light levels are set higher than appropriate for the space, or spaces are lit even when they are unoccupied. This wastes energy, creates discomfort, and reduces productivity. Make your building work harder for you by adding intelligent, energy-efficient light control. We provide flexible, scalable systems that can fully integrate lighting, shading, and sensors for maximum energy savings. These solutions can be easily designed, installed and reconfigured to meet the changing needs of your building.

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Lighting Maintenance

Every business requires general upkeep to keep everything in good shape. When it comes to the lighting system, there is more to maintenance than simply changing a bad bulb. Tailored to fit any budget with adjustable time-frames (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual) our lighting maintenance service will keep your lights on all year round.

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