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Commercial Lighting Installation

for a variety of industry verticals


At Unity Works Lighting, we not only understand the importance of good lighting for your retail store’s success but also the importance of a low energy bill. Our LED retail lighting systems enhance customer experience and lead to more sales, repeat customers, and less energy consumption.

Big box retailers approach lighting in a different way than supermarkets and fashion stores. The high spaces require lighting solutions with high light output and should provide a uniform illumination. Attractive lighting is crucial for retail. Adequate lighting will help customers to make purchasing decisions.

Light with good color and quality will increase the sales of merchandise and reduce warranty claims. People feel better in high-lit areas.

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Government & Military

The best choice to meet energy-efficiency requirements and LEED certification common in government lighting installations and projects. We provide superior illumination – indoors and out – for workplace efficiency and security. Government lighting solutions by Unity Works include a wide range of bulbs and fixtures to address functional needs, stylish considerations and ambiance that sets just the right tone for the workplace. Lighting from Unity Works addresses all of these requirements plus provides savings that you can count on.

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Educational facility lighting, or education lighting, affects student and teacher performance. Flicker-free lighting can improve study conditions, brighten rooms and make campuses feel safer. Our solutions also lower operating costs and maintenance, while giving students a brighter future.

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Professional office lighting is versatile, energy efficient, and promotes a healthy working environment for employees.

There is no one size fits all solution for commercial office lighting fixtures.

In one day, an employee might work in the crisp, natural light of a shared workspace, give a presentation in dim, warm light, and hold a meeting in comfortable ambient light.

Avoid eye strain and meet every office lighting need, from workspace lighting to presentation lighting to special events lights, with our wide array of high quality office lighting solutions.

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Medical & Healthcare

Healthcare facilities require bright, clean lighting with accurate color to help professionals diagnose and treat patients in a relaxing environment. Unity Works Lighting provides healthcare facilities with energy-saving, cost-efficient, and low maintenance solutions.

When the lighting in healthcare facilities is high quality, it promotes healing. Bright, crisp lighting ensures that healthcare providers can deliver the most effective care. Patients feel relaxed under lighting that is designed to be calming and easy on the eyes. And the return-on-investment from energy-efficient LED light bulbs leaves more money to be directed toward life saving staff and technology.

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Warehousing & Manufacturing

We understand what a difference good loading dock lighting makes in the success of your operation. No matter what task is at hand, you and your employees are completing it underneath the lights in your warehouse and loading dock. The lighting you choose is important, especially when working in the early morning or late into the evening.

High-quality commercial lighting in your industrial or warehouse facility helps keep employees positive, organized, and highly efficient. Most importantly, good dock lighting keeps everyone safe.

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The right lighting in your restaurant can create the perfect ambiance for your guests. You need a variety of different light fixtures and equipment for your restaurant, however. The stockroom, freezer and cooking areas require brighter lights, whereas you may want to set the mood for your diners with pendant lights or commercial LED recessed track lighting. Your bar area, menu boards and signage require their own lighting as well, as does your entrance and any outdoor patio area.

At Unity Works Lighting, we offer restaurant lighting solutions from a number of top brands and lighting manufacturers. We usually suggest a commercial lighting option with a dimmer for your dining room, such as pendant lights, indirect lighting and recessed down lights. For the kitchen area, bright overhead lights are best. Your outdoor and patio areas often work very well with, string lights, floor lamps and outdoor pendants.

Unity Works Lighting, the lighting company you can trust for all your restaurant lighting needs.

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Lighting creates the mood you want your guests to experience. From lobbies to hallways, conference rooms to lounges, facades to landscaping.

Lighting helps set the mood your guests will experience from the moment they walk in the door. What does your lighting say about your hotel? Is it warm, dim, and ambient? Is it crisp, clear, and refreshing? Lighting communicates volumes before a single word is spoken.

That’s why it’s so important that your lighting communicates the right mood. We can tailor your hospitality lighting design to fit your exact specifications. No matter your vision, Unity Works Lighting can make it a reality.

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